City Adventures

I did not get to try any recipes yesterday. I had a pretty busy day. I did meet with my friend downtown for some activities going on for the Olympic anniversary. We met in Yaletown, where they had something going on called illuminate Yaletown. Local artists had amazing light installations and there was street entertainment as well. It was pretty cold and it was raining. We tried to keep warm!

I met my friend Ashley at the sky train station and we started walking around checking out all the cool lights. We ended up at a sushi place (Vancouver has so many). We shared a few rolls and drank some green tea to warm up. I was comfortably full in the end.

The lights were really cool; some of them flashed and some of them were being projected onto buildings. They even had some really cool ice sculptures too.

I am proud to say that I actually knew my way around downtown Vancouver very well. Ashley is new to Vancouver too (not as new as me), and I helped make our way around. Thank you google maps for sharing your knowledge.

We found this café/bakery called Boulangerie la Parisienne. The desserts looked amazing! I took a picture of ours but now that I think of it I should have taken a picture of the whole window of desserts. I was too distracted by all the deliciousness in front of me! We shared two desserts. A cheesecake with fresh raspberries on top and a chocolate pecan tart. It was a good night for a little indulgence. We ate all the cheesecake and only half the tart. The cheesecake was amazing! It wasn`t like those dense, extremely rich ones you find in North America (New York Cheesecake). It was very light, fluffy and not very sweet either. The raspberries gave the cake the perfect sweetness. I had a nice cup of vanilla tea on the side to warm me up. The bakery had so many desserts and croissants! It would be dangerous to live close to that place!

We then went to the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza where they had the world`s first Lantern Aquarium. It was really cool.


That was my little adventure yesterday. I am off for another one today as there are still events going on downtown. I will take lots of pictures again.

Since I did not try any recipes yesterday, here are some recipes I have found that look very yummy. I have not tried some of these but they are on my list of things to do!

Lovely and light cranberry, apple and almond quinoa

Healthy curry yogurt dip for sweet potato fries (this is one of my favourites)

Beet, goats cheese and walnut salad (one of my favourite salads ever!)

Chocolate cream pie (a healthy version, but it looks extremely delicious!)

Hot apple pie (because it makes me happy)

Kale Chips (I am telling you they are really good!)

Gluten free strawberry banana pancakes

Thank you everyone for reading my blog again. Sunday I plan on trying some recipes out. I haven`t decided what but I will be going to Granville Island Market to get some food! I can`t wait, it is one of my favourite places in Vancouver! I could live there! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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