My Love For Food

Hello everyone! As I sit here writing this post I am sipping on organic peppermint tea and having a piece of the lemon poppy seed loaf I made the other day. I am absolutely addicted. It is such a great recipe and it has stayed very moist. It has been really hard not to eat it all! I keep telling myself ‘moderation.’ It can be hard sometimes. I used to love sugar so much I just would want more and more. I worked at a German bakery a few years ago and I was surrounded by the most delicious desserts, pastries, cakes and breads. Every day I would go to work telling myself I would not have anything sweet. It was really hard and I was not very successful. We would always get to take home the day old goods at the end of the day. I was addicted to sugar. I gained weight and my energy was very up and down. I have somewhat controlled my sugar cravings but it has taken a while. I have only read about the effects of sugar on your body and I am looking forward to learning more about it in school (which I start in 6 days). It is always nice to see healthier alternatives to sweets. You should definitely try the lemon poppy seed loaf. It is one of my favourites now!

Yesterday morning I made pancakes. I made chocolate and banana spelt pancakes. They turned out pretty good. I made some with mashed banana in the batter and some with sliced bananas in the pancakes. I preferred the sliced bananas. I love how they caramelize in the pan and get warm and delicious! I used raw cacao powder in the batter as well. I also used very little sugar as the banana`s give it enough sweetness. You could even omit the sugar. They are really good with almond butter and a little maple syrup! I would also love to try them with raw cacao nibs instead of the powder. Pancakes are so easy to make and you can make many moderations. One of my favourite is pumpkin pancakes (it sounds weird but they are really good)! I will be posting the recipe for the pancakes soon. I want to try them one more time to make sure they are perfect.

I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but I often find myself eating that way. It is becoming very popular and many restaurants have different options now. There are even vegan and vegetarian restaurants. There are a few I would love to try in Vancouver. One is called Gorilla. It is downtown and the menu looks really good. I am hoping to try it this weekend. My friend and I went to the Rhizome Café which is located on East Broadway. You walk in and it’s this cozy, friendly café. At the entrance, there is a shelf of books that are free to take. My friend Carmen picked one up while she was waiting for me. We walked up to figure out what we wanted to order. There were a lot of choices to choose from. There are options for everyone. I had the miso rice bowl which was absolutely delicious. I fully enjoyed every bite! Carmen had a tofu breakfast scramble (for dinner yes). She was also very happy with what she ordered.

I really want to go there for brunch one day. On the weekends they are packed and are serving up some amazing breakfast items. One that caught my eye was the kamut banana pancakes. Yes I could make these at home, but sometimes it is nice to go out. The breakfast polenta sounds really good too!  I had a great experience here and I am looking forward to going back. Those of you who are in Vancouver should definitely check it out. Also, if you have gone to the Gorilla please tell me what you thought. I also have reservations for brunch with Vegan Mischief on March 19. They have vegan recipes, restaurant reviews and more on their website. They do a brunch every couple weeks and I made sure to make a reservation for one. They are emailing a menu when the date gets closer.

I am open to eating many different foods. As I mentioned I often find myself eating vegetarian a lot of the time. However, I love fish. In the summer I go fishing and love catching my own fish to bring home and fillet. I am looking forward to sharing my fun fishing trips with you this summer. I cannot wait!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Hard to believe it is going to be March next week!


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