Good Food And A Little Winter Fun

Hello friends! I had promised you many recipes this weekend, but unfortunately I didn’t find the time. I got a new job and got called in Saturday for my first day. I also work for the next two days as well. On the plus side I do have a new job! It’s at the restaurant I worked at the other night for free to check it out. I’m going to try my best to try all the recipes I planned on making this week. I also start school on Tuesday and I’m very excited!

Despite my complaining yesterday about the weather I did get outside. My roomies and I had a late night walk with Stella (their incredibly cute dog). We had fun, but I think Stella might have enjoyed it a lot more! When I got home, I had a nice mug of homemade ginger, lemon and honey tea – it warmed me right up!

This is what I woke up to this morning.

Yesterday I also made sweet potato fries. They’re one of my favourite foods and they warm my belly up on a cold day! I made a curry yogurt dip to go with it. This recipe is from Joyous Health. You can probably tell that I absolutely love all of her recipes. It’s a great combination so check out the recipe!


I also bought this bread at a bakery close to where I work yesterday. It’s a whole wheat, chia and flax bread. It’s very good and I’m very happy with it. I even decided to make French toast this morning! I had it with coconut oil, maple syrup and fresh mango. French toast is the best with fresh bread from the bakery. Even though I have to work today, I love weekend breakfasts! I always make time to sit down and eat breakfast in the morning. Growing up we were not allowed to leave the house until we had breakfast – thanks Mom!


I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Hopefully you are relaxing. I will be at work so do some extra relaxing for me!


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