A Few Must-Try Recipes

Hello! It’s been a busy week so far and it’s not over yet. I completed my first week of school and now I get to work all weekend. It’s crazy how everything has been settling in so quickly.

I’ve had a chance to try a few recipes that I found online and looked delicious. One of my friends also asked me to revamp her recipe for Peanut Butter Cup Brownies – yes they sound amazing, but unfortunately they are far from nutritious. I’m hoping to do this early next week. I might have to try a few variations before I get it right. I’m looking forward to the yummy end result.

This morning, when I was checking out my daily blogs, I stumbled upon a few great recipes I wanted to try. The first recipe that caught my eye was from Oh She Glows. I have to say that she has some great breakfast recipes on her website and comes up with some interesting, yet delicious combinations. The recipe I tried was the Double Chocolate Sweet Potato Oatmeal – crazy right. I made a few modifications to this recipe. I omitted the extra chocolate sauce drizzled on top and I used raw cacao powder and chocolate protein powder in the recipe. I also used steel cut oats (they take longer to cook but are better for you since they have been less processed) instead of quick oats. I really enjoyed this breakfast; it kept me full and energized for a long time! Before you think, ‘yuck, sweet potatoes for breakfast,’ please try this recipe; it might change your mind.

My new favourite website/blog for recipes is ‘I Heart Wellness.’ Yesterday she posted a recipe for Vegan Banana Rooibos Tea Cake. It looked amazing and I knew I had to try it! I didn’t have any rooibos tea, so I used chai instead and it still turned out great. This cake is moist and delightful. The only sweeteners in the cake are medjool dates and the natural sweetness of the bananas. She also mentioned in this post that it’s cleanse- friendly – thumbs up to that!

I had this for a mid-afternoon snack today and I must say that I’m addicted. It’s so simple, but absolutely delicious. Take a piece of toast (I had some chia flax bread from a bakery in my freezer) and drizzle with olive oil. Place sliced avocado on the toast and sprinkle with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Now you have a great tasting and nutritious snack!

The last thing I want to tell you about today is a purchase that I made yesterday. I bought a Santevia Energy Flask which creates alkaline water. A girl at school told us about them and I knew I had to have one. I won’t go into too much detail as you can read all about it on their website. Basically it has different levels of filtration that raise the pH, re-mineralize the water, energize the water, reduce chlorine and reduce the ORP value. I love it so far! It comes in a few different colours too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend. It’s supposed to be sunny here in Vancouver which is exciting since it has been very cold and rainy. I have to work during the day both Saturday and Sunday, so unfortunately I won’t be able to enjoy the weather. Also, please check out my facebook page!


2 responses to “A Few Must-Try Recipes

  1. I’ve been putting kale in my smoothies for the past week, and I can feel the difference in my energy, digestion and even my mood.

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