A Busy And Fabulous Day!

Hello! This week has been so busy and I haven’t had time to write a blog post. I’ve been working and studying every day. The busy part is over and I now have a little time to relax and catch my breath. I`m quite the procrastinator sometimes; however, this course is very motivating. I am completely in love with school and my new friends. I’m the happiest I have ever been and I know it’s only going to get better. I can’t wait to become a Holistic Nutritionist!

I must tell you about the fabulous day I had today! It started off stressful. I woke up early to cram for the test I had and finish off my presentation – yes bad idea, but I have been working a lot. I was a little stressed out by everything, but I knew that once it was over I would be out for lunch with my three new nutrition friends from school, Nicole, Elyse and Renata.

The test was better than I expected and I’m confident that I did well. My oral presentation wasn’t amazing as it`s still an area I`m improving. I still did well and got my point across. I wasn’t fully prepared and I only have myself to blame. It`s been a little difficult getting back to being crazy busy all the time. The next one will be better!

What made my day was lunch with the girls. I haven’t had a group of really good girlfriends in a long time (mainly because I have been moving so much in the last four years). We went to Gorilla Food, an organic, vegan and raw food restaurant, in downtown Vancouver. I ate there last week and loved it! It’s absolutely awesome having friends that share similar interests to you and that are willing to try something new.

We picked up a menu at the restaurant and debated on what to get. We decided to each order something different and share.

Three of us ordered smoothies and they were very yummy! I had the Choco-Gorilla, Elyse had the Strawberry Cloud and Renata had a Sweet Creamy Cacao Sylky Mylk. We’re already so comfortable with each other that we passed them around so we could all have a taste. They were all great!


Elyse had the Nice Bowl (left) and Renata had the Falafel Wrap (right).


I had the Thai Fresh Wraps (left) and Nicole had the GO Veggie Burger (right).


You can check the menu items out on their online menu. There are so many options; it took us a while to make a choice! Everything was delicious and healthy! We agreed that our favourite was the Nice Bowl. It’s my new favourite from there.

For dessert we shared a piece of Carrot Cake (raw) frosted with a creamy spiced cashew cream.

It was wonderful sitting around with them and talking about everything. We are all so passionate about food, health and life in general. The four of us are different, yet we all connect. We`re planning a dinner next week. I’m really looking forward to it; it`ll be exciting to see what the four of us can cook up!

From the left, Nicole, Elyse and Renata (my three new favourite people).

I must tell you about a stressful part of my day; at the time I thought my life was going to be over. Elyse and I went to Starbucks for a tea after lunch. She was catching a flight at the waterfront so I decided to walk with her there. On my way back I realized I didn’t have my purse; I forgot it at Starbucks! I was so upset. I pretty much ran down the street to see if it was still there. I had my life in the purse and I was thinking the absolute worst. I kept thinking that my amazing day was too good to be true. I called Elyse and she said, “It will be there, you will see, this has happened to me a lot.” I got there and sure enough it was exactly where I left it.

I was so stressed in those 5 minutes that it took to get there. I was thankful that Elyse somewhat calmed me down and gave me hope. Yes my life wouldn’t have been over, but it would have been an added stress that I didn’t want.

That was my wonderful and busy day! There was some stress involved, but everything worked out. I am spending this evening doing a little cleaning and relaxing. Tomorrow I am getting a cookie order from BBelles Bakery (check them out) and I’m also going down to Granville Island to get something delicious to make for dinner. I did a massive grocery shop yesterday and stocked up on veggies for juicing and other yummy stuff, but I want to get something extra special tomorrow.

I hope everyone’s week has been great (hopefully not too stressful). I’m looking forward to blogging about the dinner I’ll be having tomorrow night and the dinner with the girls next week! Happy Friday tomorrow!


2 responses to “A Busy And Fabulous Day!

  1. Yay!!! Thanks for the shout out girl 😉 The cookies are packaged up cute and waiting for you to take a bite 😉

    have a great night!


  2. Hey, sounds like a great day – so sad about the cd… there’s some great raw recipes in there – perhaps i will have to start emailing them to you one by one by one by one by one…..
    How was drinks with andrew and greg?

    L. xo

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