My Life Right Now

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend. I’ve been working all weekend as usual. I’m on day 5 of my cleanse and so far it’s going well. I’ve had a lot more energy and have been feeling great. I hit a bit of a wall yesterday afternoon at work, but I stayed strong!

I signed up for a yoga membership for while I’m doing the cleanse (and will probably continue after). Yesterday I left work and ran down the street to catch a 4:00pm yoga class. It took me so long to relax once I got there. My mind was still going from work. I feel like I didn’t get as much out of that class and that I should have waited for the next one. I wasn’t truly able to concentrate on my breathing and my practice. I think it’s great that I noticed how I felt. As I mentioned in my previous post, it is important to be attuned with your body and its needs.

The other week the girls and I took a mini road trip up to Pemberton to hike and attempt to find some hot springs. I have never been to one and have been wanting to for a long time. We didn’t find the one’s we wanted but we still had a blast. We took a long walk and enjoyed the scenery. On our way back we stopped to see our friend Nicole in Whistler. It was my first time in Whistler, so I was pretty excited. I love road trips even if they are just for the day!

There’s so much to see in BC and I want to see it all. It’s really hard being in school and working. I have to organize my time and priorities. I also need to plan my meals out, especially right now. It’s working though. I get my 7-8 hours of sleep most nights, make breakfast every morning, go for a few runs a week, go to yoga when I can, spend time with friends, spend time alone and I still feel good. Ideally I would love to feel even better, but for my life right now I feel great!

I’m also going to mention that you should check out this post by Kris on Iheartwellness. She asks how you are filling your days with greatness.  She also talks about each of us having a gift. I believe we all have one too. Like her and many other people, I was unhappy, unhealthy and had no idea what I wanted to do before. I was moving around, going to different schools and trying to figure out what would truly make me happy.

Holistic nutrition has changed my life. I feel amazing now and I feel like I’m right where I need to be. I have made amazing new friends, tried new things, and felt new things that I never have before. I started a blog which is something I never thought of doing. I have set goals for myself and a path I want to follow. I might not end up following it exactly how I want, but I know that I’ll get to my destination in the end.

How do you feel right now? What do you do for yourself every day? What are your goals? These are all great questions to ask yourself. You don’t need to wait for something bad to happen to re-evaluate your life and goals. You can have a new goal every day!

I hope everyone is happy, well and relaxed on this wonderful weekend!


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