Courage – What are you afraid of?

Happy Friday! It’s sunny here and I love it! Yesterday was so cold and rainy in Vancouver. It was windy, pouring rain and snowing at some points. I was also not feeling myself yesterday. I’m not sure if it was the weather but I felt like I was in a rut. I was extremely tired for some reason and felt like everything was going wrong. When I met up with the girls at Starbucks later that afternoon, my friend Elyse told me to write my thoughts down in a journal and then at the end write 5 or more things that I am grateful for in my life. Before I did that she dragged me out on the street and we ran up and down the street giving FREE HUGS. I hugged 13 strangers. All of the people that accepted our hugs walked away with a huge smile on their face. It felt so good that we might have made someone’s day.

All together yesterday I gave/received 25 hugs. Remember I told you: You need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth. I doubled that and it felt great! After giving the hugs, I wrote down everything I was feeling in my journal and wrote the things I’m grateful for in my life. One of them was my amazing friends and family.

Last night, I attended my first “Diva Date Night” with Conscious Divas. If you haven’t heard of them please check them out! The theme for the night was “be the change you want to see in the world” and it was based around fear. Fear can be difficult and some of us avoid it at all costs. They asked us what words we associate with fear. Some that came up were tension, stress and avoidance. We all tend to associate fear with being negative.

Alycia Hall, a wellness life coach, helped facilitate this meeting. We did a few mediation exercises where we really thought about the things that we are afraid of right now. We were able to see how these fears made us feel inside our body. Why should we have to avoid them and wish they weren’t there? Why can’t we embrace them and conquer them?

Our minds are constantly going and worrying about so many aspects in our life. It’s hard to slow down and re-evaluate your thoughts and goals. It was great because we all spoke about how we felt. We didn’t give the specific situation, but just told everyone the feeling we get inside when we think about our fears and the idea of change.  In the last meditation we were told to let in our fears and thoughts and accept them.

Some of us are so terrified of change and the possible outcomes. It’s all about courage. Below are some questions they gave us to think about.

How to Transition through Change with Courage

  1. Think of a time when you’ve embraced change easily and when it was challenging? How did you feel?
  2. What beliefs do you have about yourself when you think about making changes in your life?
  3. Are you going through a transition right now in any area of your life and if so what are your biggest fears?
  4. In order to make any changes in your life, what do you need to do? What fears does this bring up?
  5. What beliefs do you have about life that is stopping you from making the change/transition in your life that you want?
  6. Do you find yourself blaming anyone else for feeling unable to make the changes in your life you so desire?
  7. Do you feel courageous?
  8. What are you doing in your life right now that is courageous?
  9. If you had all the courage you needed, how would your life be different?
  10. What will you need to let go of in order to achieve that?


I thought it was a wonderful evening. As I said earlier, we are all so busy all the time and sometimes we don’t stop to think about how we truly feel and what we want out of our life. If you’re from Vancouver, you should check them out and maybe even attend next month’s Diva Date Night. Julia King and Kate Muker are truly empowering and inspiring people. If you’re not from here, check them out anyway! Maybe there is a similar group in your city that you could attend. It’s really just a fun night where you can open up and be yourself. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


6 responses to “Courage – What are you afraid of?

  1. great post love! sending you 25 more hugs today!

  2. Elisa –

    Thank you for being a BRIGHT light in the world, we need more people running around giving out FREE HUGS. You inspired so many of us last night!

    Keep rockin it and embracing the feeling around fear so you can step through it instead of allowing it to be your wall.

    Thank you for joining us and making the evening what it was.

    Much love,

  3. You rock! Thanks for this great post – it’s amazing.

  4. Hi Elisa,

    I’m so glad you had such an empowering night. You and your friends were truly incredible and brought with you so much wonderful wisdom to share.
    You showed so much courage last night, and I honour you all for it.
    Keep rockin it, and giving out those hugs!

  5. What a great post girl!! I love that you took so much away from DDN!

    We should plan to attend the next one and really rock out some amazing energy and powerful intentions!


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