Weekend Adventures

Hello everyone! How was everyone’s long weekend? Mine was
quite eventful and fun. Friday was the hottest day of the year so far in
Vancouver. Elyse and I went down to Kits Beach and did some marketing for Mona Vie. We started off on the beach and then we got kicked out due to the fact
that there’s no advertising allowed on park property. The lady was really nice
and thought we had a great product. She told us to move to the entrance and
catch people on their way in. We ended up selling quite a bit of “shots” of
Mona Vie and got some contacts to send more information.

After a few hours of talking to people, we decided it was
time for us to hit the beach. We laid there, talked and enjoyed the sun.
Unfortunately, we enjoyed the sun a little too much. We both ended up with sun
burns. Yes, we are both soon-to-be holistic nutritionists and have yet to learn
our lesson of being in the sun. I had to work that evening and it was quite

On Saturday afternoon I went down to Granville Island for lunch.
It was so busy! It’s a great place, but very touristy. Next weekend I want to
go to one of the farmers markets. I wasn’t feeling very well from my prolonged
exposure in the sun the day before, so I spent the rest of the day wearing some
extremely comfy clothes and relaxing at home. It was actually very nice to just
do nothing.

Sunday I worked for the hockey game. What a great game! I
enjoy working the hockey games because I can watch it and its great being
around all the people who are full of spirit. After the game, I went to my
friend Carmen’s place for dinner. We made vegetable pasta with spelt noodles. It
was delicious!

She’s baking cupcakes for her friend’s wedding and wanted my
help to perfect the recipe. It’s a chocolate prune cupcake. It’s a very
interesting recipe. They turned out really moist and tasted great, but we felt they needed to be fluffier. The bride-to-be wanted a recipe with whole, good quality ingredients. I will be attempting the recipe again this week hopefully. Once it’s perfected we will post the recipe for you!

During our baking adventure we had some wine and some fun!

Yesterday I went up to North Vancouver and did my first
little hike in the Vancouver area. We did a trail in Lynn Valley. It was more
of a nice walk than a hike, but still absolutely beautiful. I’m looking forward
to checking out some more places in the near future.

I have class today and this evening the girls and I are having our weekly meeting to talk Mona Vie, our goals and the Salt Lake City trip coming up soon. We’re so excited!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday! 😀


One response to “Weekend Adventures

  1. It’s great to see you getting out doing different things. Love MOM

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