Weekend of Sunshine and the Farmers Market!

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was great! The weather in Vancouver was once again absolutely gorgeous. Summer has finally come! I had Saturday off  and I worked Sunday afternoon, so I got to enjoy the sunshine.

On Saturday I met a friend downtown and we walked along the seawall (that’s what everyone in Vancouver does because it’s so beautiful). We also went out for sushi. Sushi is definitely one of my favourite foods to get when I decide to eat out. When I first left the apartment, it looked like it was going to rain, and by the time I got downtown the skies were blue. Absolutely perfect!

On Sunday I went to the farmers market for the first time in Vancouver. I went to the one in Kitslano. They have one at Trout Lake on Saturdays and one in Kits on Sundays. There are also two more opening up in June at other locations too. It was a perfect morning to go to the market.

I walked around and checked out the various venders and sampled a few things along the way. There were fresh local vegetables, herbs, baked goods, honey, meat and seafood, maple syrup, essential oils and much more. The first place I went to was the honey stand. I ran out of honey at home, so I was in need of some quality honey. I asked her about her honey and how the bees were fed. You want to make sure they are feeding themselves for the most part; otherwise you know the keepers are taking too much from the bees.

I bought a whole bag of some local cherry tomatoes. I’m going to make a delicious salad with some of them tomorrow. I also bought some eggplant from the same place. The last thing I got was rose sea salt. Sea salt is good for you as it has so many minerals in it (in moderation of course). The vendor had all sorts of flavours.

Since this was my first experience at the Vancouver market, I indulged in something extra delicious. They had many places to eat, such as organic tacos, but I decided to bite into a crepe. This place has savoury and sweet crepes (and not just regular ones). I went for a sweet one, but next time I will do a savoury. I had one filled with cranberry-apple compote, ricotta cheese and local honey. I can hardly describe how incredible it tasted. The other one I was debating on getting was filled with caramelized onions, spinach, goat’s cheese, olives and sundried tomatoes. They all sounded delish! I had an almond milk latte to go along with my delightful crepe.

For dinner last night I decided to barbeque. I don’t eat red meat very often, but I felt like I could use a nice steak. I bought a small rib-eye steak to grill. Along with that, I had yams roasted with some onions and garlic as well as grilled eggplant. It was a very satisfying dinner. I truly indulged yesterday!

I have today off. I have to finish up my take-home exam for school and do a little cleaning. I’m also going to attend a yoga class. It’s supposed to be sunny again, so I must refrain from procrastinating and get my homework done so I can go outside.

Have a wonderful Monday! Hopefully it’s a start to a wonderful week!


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