Moving and More Fun

Hello! How’s everyone’s week going? Mine’s a little busy that’s for sure! I’m finally moving into my new apartment tomorrow and I’m beyond excited. I’m moving in with my friend Marika from school. We have been looking forward to this for the past two months. I had to work all weekend, but I have the next three days off to get everything done. I did a lot of packing over the weekend, so today I’m finishing the rest and doing all the cleaning. I’ll be moved in by tomorrow afternoon! It’s going to be so much fun living with another Holistic Nutritionist-to-be. I’ll be documenting (and taking pictures) of our process of moving in and will do a post on it when we get our internet set up – which hopefully will be Friday morning.

Today, on our break at school, I went next door and test drove a bike. This was not just a bike, but a beautiful pink one! I’ve been passing by it quite a bit and finally decided to give it a try. It was love at first site. I really want to get a bike, so I’m going to start saving up for it. It had a big seat and drove beautifully. If I never told you before, my favourite colour is pink. I own a lot of pink things and my friends are always pointing out fun things in that colour that they know I would love.

Oh! More exciting news is that I got two flavours of Vega Shake N’ Go protein powder today. Kris from I Heart Wellness keeps incorporating it into her recipes and I realized I hadn’t bought any in a while. My friend ordered some for me for a bit cheaper than retail price too! I love these powders because it’s such an easy and delicious way to get protein. Having protein at every meal helps improve your metabolism and helps you feel fuller longer as well. I know if I don’t have some sort of protein in the morning (protein smoothie, eggs, oats with some raw nuts, or sprouted toast with nut butter) I feel hungry shortly after and am not very satisfied. I’m looking forward to trying some of her recipes and making up some of my own. I think having these shakes will be important for me in the next few days of moving and being a little busy for cooking. Also, a lot of my kitchen equipment is packed and I’ve been trying not to buy a tonne of groceries.

Last for dinner I had an egg scramble. I haven’t had breakfast for dinner in a while. I sautéed broccoli, mushrooms, peppers (red and jalapeno) and red onion and then made myself a delicious scramble on top of two mini corn tortillas, served with sliced avocado and some salsa. It was delicious, satisfying and didn’t use very much dishes! Bonus!

Do you eat breakfast for dinner sometimes? What are your favourite quick, easy and healthy meals?

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. I’m so excited to show you guys my new place! Wish me luck!



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