My Secret Indulgence and Collage Making

Hello friends! Monday was my day off and guess what? The sun actually came out in the afternoon! We`ve been so deprived here; it was finally nice to get some quality vitamin D. I had class for a couple hours in the afternoon, but luckily we finished early and I was able to get outside and enjoy it.

I must tell you about what I had Monday. My roommate was telling me about this ice cream place in Vancouver where you pick out an ice cream flavour, a bunch of toppings, and they mix it all together into this beautiful masterpiece. This place is called Marble Slab and it’s a five minute walk from my apartment – this I was not aware of and I kind of wish I still didn’t know about it. I don’t eat ice cream often at all or dairy for that matter. The only dairy I consume is organic yogurt. But, the odd time here and there I like to indulge. When I do, it has to be something completely satisfying and worth every mouthwatering bite. I chose peanut butter ice cream and they put it on this ‘marble slab’ and I got them to mash chocolate chip cookie dough through it. There were a million other things I could have added like skor bits, a whole reeses cup, some nuts and other stuff, but I stuck with the one (it also costs more to add). It was unbelieveably good; I was in heaven. I know it was probably horribly bad for me. I eat well, exercise and work hard; I totally deserved it. 80/20 rule! I didn’t take any of these pictures as I forgot my camera, but I got them online and this is exactly what it looks like. I felt like a kid again! My plan is to make “Oh She Glows” cookie dough balls and make some peanut butter banana soft serve to make a healthier version of this. I may have become addicted and this is definitely a once in a while indulgence.

I have more to tell you. I’m currently taking a Body, Mind and Spirit course at school and it’s been really interesting so far. There are so many ways of connecting to our body and our spirit. I wasn’t really sure how much I believed in this sort of stuff before, but it’s starting to make a lot of sense to me. I`m going to do a post on it at the end of the course. Yesterday we were given a bunch of stacks of magazines (I forgot mine at home). We had five minutes to tear out any pages or pictures that caught our eye; this is not very much time at all. At the end of the five minutes, the magazines were taken away and we had to make a collage with what we had gathered. I was kind of upset that I had no food magazines. I found one food picture that I put on it. It was awesome to see how everything came together as I was cutting out pictures and words from the pages I had ripped out. I definitely recommend trying this sometime. It was such a fun exercise, and it’s a great way to show your creativity.

Yesterday afternoon Andre-Anne and I went to Gorilla Food Restaurant. I did a post on when the girls and I ate there back in February. We shared the S’weed as Green Curry Veggie Maki and the Rawmein “New”dles. They were both delicious! I love this place! It’s a raw, vegan and organic restaurant. The food and atmosphere are fantastic.

Well that is my adventures from the past couple days. I hope everyone’s week is treating them fabulously!


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