Dreaming of Food

Hey, how is everyone? I know I definitely didn’t keep my promise of blogging more often. I’ve been dying to write and decided to give myself a kick in the butt. It’s quite difficult working away with little internet and then having to run around like crazy when I’m home. I’m beginning to figure out a better balance and what my priorities are that’s for sure.

I’ve been going on a lot of adventures as usual. This summer I went to the Calgary Stampede and Banff, as well a fishing/camping road trip with my parents when they visited. Then there is every day adventures like hiking, quading, fishing, shooting (yea, blame the small town redneck in me and my boyfriend for that one) and planning random road trips. We almost went to Mexico last month, but decided to save the money for a sweet snowboarding trip to Banff or Whistler this winter. Plus I need to pay off my student loans asap so I can go travelling. I’m hoping to go to Thailand next year for a couple months. I’ve already started saving! The pictures below are from my adventures in the past few months.

This is close to where I work. We took the quad up there with a few friends. We had to hike quite a bit up once it was too steep to take the quad any further. It was breathtaking!

Another quading adventure. We had just gotten off work and stopped at Powder King (it’s a ski/snowboarding mountain) for some fun. This is way above it. And again, the view was unreal. I love being up in the mountains and breathing in the fresh air. We actually rolled it, but luckily neither us or the quad was injured.


Fun fishing adventures in Prince Rupert. We had a 2 day charter when my parents came to visit. This is me holding a 20 pound spring salmon.


On our way to the Stampede we stopped in Lake Louise at Moraine Lake and rented canoes. The water was so cold from the glaciers. The picture below this one is of Josh and Lukas jumping in 4 degree Celsius water. They were only in there for about a minute.


I have to tell you about what got me motivated to write again. Usually when I’m at work I complain about the food and how much I just want to cook. When we are on our days off, I cook as much as I can. I’m always thinking about what I should make or what we will have for our next meal. Josh says things like, “Is that all you think about” or “really, you’re thinking about food already – you just ate an hour ago.” I know it’s a little sad. It’s pretty much the first thing I think of in the morning when I wake up and feel my stomach grumbling. It made me realize that my true passion really is food. It doesn’t matter where I am, my life revolves around it. I get so excited about cooking and trying new dishes. I came across a website when I was looking for a recipe. It was called alldayidreamaboutfood.com. I can’t even tell you how much this describes me and I’m not exaggerating. I blame my mother actually; she’s exactly the same as me. That’s another thing he says to me, “you’re just like your mom; you’re always talking about food.” I think it’s a good thing, and he does too, but that’s because he gets fed all the time. I picked up the Canadian Living Christmas Baking magazine the other day and I already have a whole list of sweet treats I’m going to make. But don’t worry, I can make a whole batch of cookies and only eat one. I have some self-control!

So even though I’m busy with work and completing school by distance, I’ve promised myself I would keep up with blogging. Writing makes me happy and helps me get everything on my mind out. I don’t have a complete plan yet, but I’m on my way. I’m hoping to talk to Kris from iheartwellness about bringing my blog to the next level very soon. I’m also looking for someone to redesign the website. There is only so much I’m capable of doing on wordpress and it’s not very much. I was very proud when I first made this one, but after looking at other blogs, I think I need to kick it up a few notches. Mine is looking a little sad and needs some TLC. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

I’ve started to find a balance in terms of my lifestyle, health and diet. I’m still absolutely passionate about health and nutrition, however, I love too many types of food. I focus more on the quality and quantity. I love eating healthy, but I do have some favourite foods that aren’t necessarily the best choice. Chicken wings are definitely a weakness for me.  I also know that I must eat those things in moderation – especially if I want to maintain my weight of course. I bring so much food up to work with me. I always hit up the health food store and fill my tote up. I’m not saying the food is horribly disgusting here, but it’s not up to my standards. When I eat, I want to enjoy every morsel of food that enters my mouth.

On days off we try and eat as many meals at home as possible and always use whole ingredients of course. I think that’s what a lot of people are missing in their diet; whole, real foods. Prince George has a decent variety of places to shop, but it’s nothing compared to all the markets I used to go to in Vancouver. I miss wandering around Granville Island trying to hold myself back from buying everything. In my next blog I’ll tell you about all the things I cooked on my last days off.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Check back in a few days for another post.

P.S. Found this quote on Facebook.

“I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so that you will eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes, good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe


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