More Snow and Good Eats

Hey guys! How is everyone doing? I guess the weekend has finally arrived for some of you. It hasn’t quite yet for me as I have 6 more days of work to go. It’s still snowing here a little bit every day; I think we have about a foot of snow on the ground. It would be nice if I brought some boots and a winter jacket with me, but it was not this kind of weather when I left Prince George to come here. This picture was taken a few days ago. We probably have at least 4 more inches than what is shown here.

As I promised, I’m going to share with you what I bring to work with me to keep me fueled and healthy. In case you don’t know, I actually work in a Coal Mine close to Chetwynd which is 4 hours north of Prince George. Yes, I know, I’m way up there! That’s why we have a foot of snow right now. After being completely broke in Vancouver trying to pay off loans and finish school, I decided to finish school by distance and make some money. I wanted to not only just pay them off, but I wanted to go travelling, be able to afford to go on awesome adventures and have money to build my blog (which I’m in the process of doing right now and am extremely excited for the changes to come) and start doing what I’m passionate about. It’s hard to start a business with no money! I work 14 days straight and then I have 14 days off. It’s definitely hard being here sometimes, especially when all I want to do is cook and have fun. At the same time, working here is an adventure in itself. After work we go fishing sometimes, and in the winter we go sliding down the big hills or snow shoeing in the mountains. When we had the quad here we were always out on some adventure. You also don’t spend money while you’re here. We might go for lunch or dinner a couple times, but that’s it. So when you get home, you are free to do what you please! Just in the last year we have gone to Edmonton, Calgary twice, Banff twice, Jasper, Vancouver, Kamloops, a big fishing road trip in Prince Rupert, and went home to Ontario where we travelled all over and even made a trip to Montreal. We almost went to Mexico last month, but we had to be a little responsible and save for some bigger better things (like Thailand next year).

So, as I was saying, the food is not very good here. I know I have high expectations, but I want to put delicious, amazing and healthy food into my body, not the high volume, greasy stuff. My favourite snack when I’m on break is full-fat greek organic yogurt, Granola Girl granola (it’s soooo good) and a chia hemp mix made by Nature’s Path. It’s completely satisfying and gives me the boost to get through the rest of the day/night. I always bring up a container of cooked Quinoa to put in my mini fridge. It keeps up to a week, so I usually eat it for breakfast or as a snack.

I always bring a different type of milk with me such as almond or coconut. I love everything with coconut flavour, especially Larabars.

Sometimes I buy a few cans of this soup too. And usually I bring a bunch of avocados with me, but last time I think I ate avocado for 20 days straight. I love them, but I had to give it a little break. It’s also hard eating on night shift. I work from 7pm-7am. By the end of the night I’m a zombie.

I always bring a few of my favourite beverages with me too such as Kombucha and coconut water.

Sometimes these are my guilty pleasure – chips. I found this brand at Save On Foods. They are baked, and have a lot less fat than regular potato chips. I usually only have a handful here and there, but trust me, I could eat the whole bag. I have will power!

Here are a few other items I usually always have with me.

I love tea! I have a whole collection of David’s Tea at home, but I only brought a couple kinds this time. I do drink a bit of coffee when I’m here. We usually buy our own (the coffee is gross here) and use a French press. We even make it at home like this – it’s so good!

These are one of my treats while I am here. A co-worker told me about them, so I had to try them. If you want your chocolate fix, these are them.

For my regular meals, I try and eat as many vegetables as possible, while choosing leaner proteins. I also eat less when I’m working nights as your digestive system slows down – since you should be sleeping! That’s all I have for today. I’ve already been looking up recipes to make in 6 days from now when I get home. Trying to find some awesome squash recipes, so if you have any delicious ones you think I should try, let me know! Hope you have an awesome weekend!


5 responses to “More Snow and Good Eats

  1. That’s quite a selection of healthy foods

  2. I’m now inspired to bring healthy foods with me when I go on long trips! I usually just get to the place and either start eating out every day or go to the supermarket and stock up on instant noodles and whatnot. But seeing what you pack make me realize it’s probably not that hard to plan things ahead!

    • Yes it’s hard some times and seems like more of a pain. We are always on road trips, and when you have an x amount of hours until you arrive to your destination, all there is to eat is junk at the gas stations. I love eating out at restaurants and trying new food, but sometimes it catches up to you. And if I go somewhere really good, I always want to make the best (and most delicious) selection on the menu. So if I snack healthy in between, it makes it a bit better :).

  3. Wow Elisa! Very informative. You will have to show me your favorites as I am also trying hard to be gluten free. You should try the black bean cake/peanut butter. I have the recipe at home with me so when you get back call me. It is all natural and way better for you then with flour. (unless you are using rice flour) but still way better than using any flour at all. Love reading your posts. Have a great work week.
    Aunt Tara

    • Thanks Tara. Working on making this blog as awesome as possible with the time I have. That sounds really good. At least I know where to bring my healthier food, Shelley or Josh prob wouldn’t eat that haha. It kills me up here not being able to have fresh, whole food. Definitely write down any recipes you think I should try and maybe I can blog about them :).

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