Home Sweet Home

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in a post for a few days. I had my last 2 days of work and I’m finally home. We got off work early yesterday morning and made the 4 hour drive home. The roads were pretty bad from the snow we’ve been getting. We saw 2 moose standing in the middle of the road and had to slam the breaks so we didn’t hit them. My heart was definitely beating. When you’re driving through the Pine Pass, or around this area, you really need to keep a close eye out for wild life.

The day before we left, we went for a drive in the mountains where we work. There must have been about three feet of snow. It’s still dark when we get off work in the morning, so by the time we got up there the sun was just rising. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was also -22 that morning! These are a few pictures we took.



When we got to Prince George there was a surprising amount of snow here too. Apparently it snowed for 50 hours straight, leaving about a foot and a half of snow. There were a few vehicles in the ditch on our way and the roads were very sloppy. It’s supposed to warm up a little bit, which is going to make all that snow melt – no fun! I’m ready for all the fun winter adventures.

We didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. I had an appointment, but besides that I was half asleep most of the time. I didn’t attempt any cooking at all as I had zero energy. I think I managed to get in an hour nap in the afternoon. It takes a couple days to switch from night shift when you get home from work. I’m usually a bit sleepy during the day, then wake up quite a bit at night.

Ohhhh! I finally got an iPhone! I had ordered it before I left and it finally came in. I think that took up most of my day. I was downloading apps, music and setting everything up. My last phone was really annoying and not very practical. It also gave me zero service where I work, which is extremely inconvenient!

Today I have a personal training appointment with someone in town. I go to the gym, but sometimes I have trouble making a routine, so that’s what my goal is for tomorrow. I want to gain strength, tone, and improve my cardio. I’ll let you know how it goes as I have a few sessions booked.

Well that’s my quick update for today. I will be cooking dinner tonight and I look forward to sharing it with you! Have a fantastic  Friday!


One response to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing, I enjoy reading!

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