My New Baby

Hey! How are you? I’m doing great, just been a little busy doing a lot of running around. I’ve also been forcing myself to do more homework. Usually when it’s time to do homework, I make up an excuse that I have to write a blog post – or I start cooking in the kitchen. I managed to put off doing it for a few hours yesterday while I made some delicious, healthy muffins. They were Whole Wheat Banana Nut. They turned out pretty good, except I should have skipped the muffin liners and just greased the pan because they kind of stuck to the liners a bit. I got the recipe from this site.


On Sunday night we went to see Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. We brought friends and family with our 8 free tickets! They were pretty good seats too – score! It was a great show as he’s very entertaining and funny. He kept giving examples of how his clients talk to their dogs and we kept thinking, “yep, we’re definitely doing a lot wrong.” We came home that night and tried out a few things on Monty (Josh’s Mom’s dog). Some of it actually worked! I guess we can’t blame the dog for everything. The second dog in the picture below is Josh’s sisters dog named Lexus. She’s a cutie that’s for sure.

Monday we brought our two friends Lukas and Ben to the airport as they were leaving to go to New Zealand for a year! I’m so jealous! I love travelling and have been dying to do that for a long time. Unfortunately, I have to pay off student loans and save more. We are hoping to go to Thailand next fall for 2 months, so that’s the goal I have set right now. They are two of our close friends, so it was hard saying goodbye for that long, but we were very happy for them. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing lots of stories and adventures.

Josh’s brother and his girlfriend just had a baby girl yesterday too. She was a whole month early. His sister is a week and a half overdue, so she’ll be having her baby girl any day now too. My sister is also pregnant and she’s due in May. There are so many babies everywhere right now, it’s crazy. I’m very excited to be an auntie!

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! After many years of being a broke, starving student, I have finally bought my own vehicle! It’s a 2003 Dodge Dakota. I’m a truck girl. Josh has a big F-350, so I just got a small one. It hasn’t been too bad having one vehicle, but it’s hard when we both have places we want to be. I’m excited. The only loans I have had have been student loans, so this is my first big purchase. It’s in great condition and drives well too. I’m going to give it some TLC tomorrow and make it mine!

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I’m going to a hot yoga class (it’s been a while) and I need to get some homework done because I didn’t have much time today since I was busy buying my new truck! Talk to you soon!


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  1. excellent blog elissa 🙂

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