Time to Get Moving

Hey everyone! It`s officially winter here. We got a good dump of snow a couple days ago. I`ve been off for 22 days now. Only 6 more to go, then I will be back stranded in the middle of nowhere. I have noticed a pattern of me only posting every 5 days. I swear the days go by so fast when you`re off work. It doesn`t help that it starts to get dark at 4:30pm here. At first we were trying to enjoying every day, but now it`s just kind of boring. I haven`t been cooking as much as I would like to be. When I was at work, I was posting every 2-3 days, even though I was working every day. I also was thinking about all the goals I had:

–          Find someone to redesign your blog
–          Get more traffic on blog
–          Do more cooking
–          Do more homework
–          Be more motivated
–          Start an online cooking show.
–          Exercise more

I have been exercising. I`ve been mixing it up with the gym and yoga. It`s amazing that when you are crazy busy, you always seem to fit so much into your busy schedule. I`m officially giving myself a kick in the butt! For the next 6 days, I`m going to be as productive as possible and enjoy every day to the fullest. I know what I want, I just need to discipline myself more and get it done! I have a whole vision in my mind of where I want this blog to go. Maybe I`m scared of making that big step, I`m not sure. I remember when I was in cooking school or working at a resort, I would always second guess myself. My Chef would say to go with my gut and be confident in my work. It took me a while, but eventually I gained more confidence in what I was doing. Successful people have confidence.

Being off work for so long hasn’t helped, but in the beginning I was going to use this time off to my advantage. This is what I have gotten done:

–          Bought my first truck and made it mine (I cleaned it up, bought new lights, a deck and new speakers)
–          Finished an entire course for school
–          Started doing yoga again
–          Went to see a personal trainer and have been going to the gym
–          Cooking and baking – but not enough
–          Made new friends
–          Spent time with friends and family
–          Have done some blogging – but not enough

So I haven`t been completely lazy. Writing that list made me feel a little better! Here is my list for my next 6 days off.

–          Start another course for school
–          Blog every 2 days
–          Come up with 3 awesome new recipes
–          Do some form of exercise every day
–          Find someone to redesign my blog
–          Write out a plan for my blog/brand
–          Do a practice run for my online cooking show and also have a plan for that

That`s what I have for now. I don`t want to overwhelm myself too much, as I need to relax and prepare myself to go back to work. Today I`m going do a bit of cleaning around the house, figure out a wicked dish to make for dinner, run a few errands, do a bit of homework and go to hot yoga this evening. I think it`s a reasonable list for today. I better get going and make it happen! Have an awesome day!


One response to “Time to Get Moving

  1. Keep up with those goals!

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