Welcome to the World Kori

Hey everyone! How is your weekend going? Mine has been great. My reason for not posting yesterday is that Kristy, Josh’s sister, and Kiet finally had their beautiful baby girl Kori! After 5 days of being induced and being sent home from the hospital, she finally decided to make her appearance in the world (after being 16 days late). She is absolutely adorable and perfect! We went to visit them at the hospital twice yesterday. We are so happy for Kristy, Kiet and their new bundle of joy – our second niece this month! They will be (and already are) amazing parents. We also can’t wait to meet Hannah, Matt and Cynthia’s baby girl. She made her appearance a whole month early!

This is a quick post as we are busy running around and visiting today. I made a big batch of potato bacon soup to bring over to them. I also promised I would cook them dinner. We go back to work on Wednesday, so we only have a few days left. Crazy how quick it goes by.

Yesterday I had an awesome workout at the gym, and the day before I attended another hot yoga class. I have also been doing lots of cooking. I made a delicious Pad Thai a couple days ago, and then last night I made homemade fresh pasta with a white wine cream sauce, pan-seared halibut and sautéed bok choy. I’ll be posting the recipe for the Pad Thai tomorrow.

Not sure what else is on the agenda today. I will update you more tomorrow. Have a fantastic and relaxing Sunday!


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