Longing to Cook

Hey everyone! Well, I would have been home today from work, except Josh was asked to stay an extra 7 days. It’s good because we just had 27 days off, so some overtime always helps. However, all I can think about is Christmas and all the cooking and shopping I have to do still. Since we’re here for 7 more, that means we only have 7 off. I guess it’s life! We only have to be back here on Boxing Day, so it’s not too bad.

I have wanted to do more blogging in the last week and a half, but I’ve been absolutely exhausted. Twelve hour days for two weeks straight is tough. We work 84 hours in one week, while the average person works it in 2 weeks. But it means we get 2 weeks off each month (so basically we only work 6 months of the year). I haven’t even opened my books for homework or even attempted going to the gym. We get off work, eat dinner, shower, relax, and then suddenly it’s bedtime and the cycle starts over. Josh started doing night shift last night, and I switch over tonight. I forced myself to stay up all night so I could sleep during the day. I’m not going to lie, I did catch myself dozing off a few times.

I try and read a few of my favourite blogs in the morning before work. I have a whole list of delicious food I want to make when I get home. I don’t think I will be able to get that much of it done in the 7 days I have off, but at least I’ll be able to check some off the list.

Michael Buble Christmas was on TV the other night and it made me a little sad. I love the Holidays – it’s such a great way to bring people together and celebrate. I just kept wishing I was at home getting everything ready to go, but instead we will be quite rushed to get everything done. That’s okay though, we can do it! I wish we would have brought a mini tree for our room – and maybe some other Christmas decorations.

Josh shoveled off my truck yesterday after it had been sitting in the parking lot for 14 days. This is what it looked like:


The snow just wouldn’t stop when we first got here. I was very happy that my truck actually started since we had some pretty cold days! All this snow also makes me want to go snowboarding!

Oh, remember a few posts ago when I promised you that Pad Thai recipe? Well, being in a rush like I was in the last few days I was home (niece being born and getting organized), I forgot the recipe. However, this is what it looked like  (it was as delicious as it looked):

photo (43)

Can’t I just be at home making magic in the kitchen? Soon, and I promise you there will be as much cooking as I can possibly fit into 7 days!

Well that’s all for today as I better get some sleep. My next post in a couple days will be on some of the natural beauty products I use. With spending most of my time in a dryer climate in the mountains, I definitely need some quality skin care products. Have a great day!!


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