Natural Skin Products and Christmas Excitement


Hey everyone! Finally, I have only one more day of work! I can’t even describe how excited I am. The only bad thing is that I feel like I’m going to get sick. I’m trying to fight it by taking my vitamins, drinking lots of water and tea and getting some rest. I had one night of very little sleep so I think that triggered it. Plus, Josh has been sick like a dog for the past 4-5 days. I thought for sure I wouldn’t get it. Who knows, maybe I won’t. My body is definitely trying to fight it! If I’m sick I have to stay away from our newborn niece Kori – I really don’t want that. When we left to come to work she was only a few days old; now she’s going to be almost a month!

I’m getting so excited for Christmas, even though we will be running around like mad people for the first couple days trying to get things organized. We have a list and a plan, so hopefully all goes well. I hate last minute Christmas shopping and organizing. I somehow have to find time to shop, do Christmas baking, have some fun outside and do a lot of visiting. We’ll just have to see what kind of super powers I have this year!

With the air getting dryer, I always end up using a lot more body lotion and moisturizer. I use natural skin care products because if you look at all the random ingredients in regular brands, it makes me think about all the toxins my skin might be absorbing. Plus, I feel that the natural ones make my skin feel it’s best!

I don’t always use the same brand, but if I find one I really like I will purchase it more often. Here’s what I’m currently using:

photo (31) photo (32) Moisturizer

The body lotion smells soooooo good! I tried just the straight coconut in this brand before, but this tropical one smells even better. The moisturizer cost me around $15.00 and I’ve had it for 5 months and it’s still a third full. It’s a great moisturizer for winter – it makes my skin feel soft and nourished (much needed with this cold Northern BC weather). I have a toner from the same brand (I swear I took a picture of it, but apparently I’m going crazy) and it makes my skin feel very rejuvenating after showering or washing my face.

What type of natural products do you use? There are a few different ones that I’ve come across that I’d like to try out. Also, although not all of my make-up is mineral, I’m slowly trying to make the switch. I’d like to know and control what goes into my skin as much as possible.


Well, I better get some sleep. I’m so excited to go home tomorrow. I think we’re going to go Christmas tree hunting right away too (even if we’re dead tired). I’m hoping Josh will want to take the snowmobile – that will make it even more of an adventure. Have an awesome day and hope everyone is a little more ahead of the game than we are – wish us luck! Can’t wait to post some Christmas recipes!


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