Hello 2013

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Hey guys! Happy New Year! How were your holidays? Mine were a little hectic being that we had to work an extra week, then we were left with 5 days to do our Christmas shopping, visiting, relaxing and Kori’s baptism. I don’t even think I opened my laptop once! We had to come back to work on Boxing Day – I wasn’t a happy camper that’s for sure. Even though we weren’t home for that long, we still had a wonderful time. Our second day home we went snowshoeing to find a Christmas tree. I think we found a pretty awesome one (we did have to do some trimming, but hey, at least it wasn’t a Charlie Brown tree). We snowshoed about 1.5 km to find it and carried it back on our shoulders. That was definitely a workout!!

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On the 23rd it was Kori’s (our niece) Baptism. She was great through the whole thing – she didn’t even cry! Christmas Eve we went to Josh’s cousin’s for some appys and drinks. Christmas Day we opened presents with his mom, then went to visit his Grandparents. After that we went to his sisters for more present opening and dinner. For dinner this year, we had steak and king crab. I don’t think it could have gotten much better than that. Josh and I bought AAA tenderlion steak. Normally, I’ll eat half a steak, but I ate every last bite of this suculent and delicious bad boy. I don’t even think I ate dessert (there was no room in my belly and I was satisfied enough).

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I didn’t get a chance to do a lot of cooking on days off as we were running around and had dinner with other people. However, I did do a little Christmas baking. I made my mom’s famous peanut butter balls (click here for the recipe) and mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

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I must tell you about two of the AWESOME presents I got from my AMAZING boyfriend. He definitely knows the key to my heart.

This is the one thing I have been wanting to get for a while now and he hit it dead on! I only wanted the 9-cup one and he got the 12. I haven’t got a chance to use it yet as we had to leave the next day. I already have plans to use this new ‘love of my life’ when I arrive at home in 7 days.

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This is something no girl should ever complain about. He got me one for my birthday too. There’s nothing better than spending a day in relaxation while getting pampered. I’m also going to use this in the next couple weeks too. I think it may have been a plan to get rid of me while he goes snowmobiling with the boys – I’m not complaining! I was definitely spoiled this year. I would’ve been happy spending time with friends and family, but again – I’m not complaining.

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Well that’s all for today. I better make some time for homework. I didn’t even attempt to open my books over the holidays. Wishing you all the luck in the New Year and I hope you achieve all the goals you set out. I can’t wait to tell you about mine for 2013 in my next post!


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  1. Thanks, best wishes to you too!

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