Cooking List and Sandy Beaches


Hello everyone! I’ve made it home after a long 17 days of working. I was sick like a dog in the last 3 days of work. It was awful! We had to stay a few extra days, so I worked my butt through it since it was overtime. I can’t wait to own my own business some day where I don’t have to force myself to suffer. That way, I can snuggle up on the couch with some tea and chicken noodle soup, while blogging and working from home. Josh is sick now, and I tell you, men are babies when their sick. It’s like that NyQuil commercial, “Can you call my mom.” Hopefully he doesn’t read this post!

Yesterday we went over to his sisters for dinner. They made homemade salad rolls which are definitely one of my favourites. They’re simple, healthy and delicious. Kori has changed so much, especially in the 17 days we’ve been gone. She’s smiling and very alert now.

Today is grocery shopping day. The first 2 days we’ve been home we were invited for dinner, so I haven’t had to cook yet. My Cuisinart Food Processor is waiting for me! My mom sent me a recipe for this Curry Vegetable Barley Soup from Canadian Living that sounds delicious. I just might have to try it!

Besides the soup, some of the things on my ‘to-cook’ list are: bliss balls, granola, homemade protein bars, gravlax (with the salmon we caught of course),  slow cooker roast with root veggies, quinoa salad (because it’s nutritious and delicious), almond butter and hummus.

We’re going somewhere warm next month! We’ll be booking it in the next couple days as we can’t make a decision on where to go. First we were going to go to Mexico, but now we’re leaning towards Dominican or Jamaica. Where would you recommend? Neither of us have been anywhere warm before, so we’re beyond excited! Goodbye snow and hello sandy beaches! We’re excited to do some para-sailing, snorkeling, quading on the beaches, deep sea fishing and exploring.

Well, my stomach is starting to make angry noises at me, so I better get going. I’m making veggie omelettes for breakfast this morning. I’ll keep you updated on how my cooking list is going. I have a feeling I’ll be making some chicken soup for my poor sick boyfriend.  Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


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