Banana Dream Smoothie

Hello! Hope your day is going great so far. Yesterday we went for a session with the personal trainer. I can’t even tell you how sore I already was from snowboarding the day before! I sucked it up and pushed myself to make the best of the workout. My new workout rocks – I’m on my way to doing 30 push-ups! If you’re in the Prince George area you should definitely check out Kris at On the Move Fitness. He can make all kinds of different fitness plans for you.

In the afternoon, we went to Josh’s grandparents for dinner. They have a hobby farm where they take care of their own animals (pigs, chickens, goats, and cows) and grow their own vegetables. Everything is natural and raised with love. We usually go there for dinner then play board games afterwards.

Today I’m going to the gym and getting some cleaning/organizing done around the house. I’m also going to make dinner and maybe even the apple crisp Josh has been bugging me for.

I have had a smoothie similar to this before, but apparently it’s been a while. I made this for breakfast and it was gone quicker than it took to make it. The most amazing ingredient combination ever: chocolate, peanut butter and banana. Heaven.

Banana Dream Smoothie

photo (62)

1 cup almond milk
3 frozen banana halves
1 tbsp. peanut butter
2 tsp. cacao powder
2 scoops Vi Shape Shake Mix (or other vanilla protein powder)
A few ice cubes if you like them cold and refreshing
  1. Blend all ingredients and enjoy.

I also made this berry one for Josh.

photo (63)

And this is Sunday night’s dinner. Maple glazed salmon with lemon scented rice and veggies. Simple, but delicious and healthy!

Maple Glazed Salmon

Have a fantastic day!!!


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