A Night of Relaxation

Good morning! We’re almost at the end of the week already. Yesterday I went to the gym, did a little cleaning, then sat back and relaxed while Josh made me dinner. Yes – I got to be the one relaxing! The only thing I did for him was make homemade pasta. This is white pasta, but next time I’m going to make whole wheat, which is something I haven’t done before.

photo (65)photo (66)photo (64)photo (68)

I really want the attachment for my kitchen aid mixer, then I don’t have to hand crank it, and I can make even more different types (and shapes).

I have to say I couldn’t even believe what he decided to make me. I must have taught him something because it’s definitely the best meal he’s ever cooked (that I’ve seen). I thought he was pretty good before, but I was very impressed. Usually it’s slow cooker roasts, chili’s or BBQ steak.

First he brought out a balsamic and olive oil dip with bread.

photo (70)

Then the first course he had veggies with these huge lime-garlic prawns that were cooked perfectly!

photo (69)

For the main course he made a creamy tomato sauce for the pasta and topped it with seared scallops. It was sooooooo good!! 

photo (71)

I’m going to add in that he also picked up a great bottle of wine. 

photo (67)

I know – I’m spoiled. I do the cooking 90% of the time, but it is sure nice to be pampered like that sometimes! Even though some of this meal wasn’t exactly food I planned on eating on my 90 Day Challenge, you can’t say no when someone (especially your boyfriend) is cooking it for you. He also bought a mini cheesecake for us to share for dessert. I was in heaven!

Today we’re going snowshoeing to the old gun range. That will be my exercise for today. It’s been snowing since last night, so that means snowboarding this weekend! Have an awesome day!


2 responses to “A Night of Relaxation

  1. Wow! Looks amazing! Good job Josh! And heck no…that would just be rude to say you can’t eat that! lol.

  2. Nice Boyfriend 😉 I think it runs in the family

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