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Official Homeowners and Good Buys

Hey everyone! Well, it’s official, Josh and I are homeowners. The closing date was May 30. After many appointments last week and getting more and more bills to pay, it’s finally ours. I can’t believe how much everything costs these days – there’s insurance for everything and it isn’t cheap! Now we’re looking at paint colours and all the different renovations we want to complete. The kitchen is going to be our biggest expense as we are completely redesigning it. It’s an older house, so we’re hoping to fix it up and sell it for more in a few years. I just can’t wait to get started on everything. It feels good to not be paying rent and to be putting our money into an investment.

Today, Shelley (Josh’s mom) and I went to some garage sales and farmer’s markets. I used to tell my mom she was crazy buying used things when I was younger, but you can actually find some pretty cool stuff (well, sometimes). I hadn’t been to the markets here in Prince George yet, so I was excited to see what they have to offer. I have to say, although it’s not even comparable to what they are like in Vancouver, there is still quite a bit.

At the garage sales I bought a set of 6 wine glasses and a set of baking dishes.

winegood buy

At the farmer’s market I got a gluten-free banana cupcake with peanut butter icing and some raw local honey. I also got a loaf of gluten-free pumpernickel bread. I will be doing some posts on these local vendors in the near future as I think they deserve a mention because their products are delicious! I wanted to get a lot more such as some veggies and local meats, but I couldn’t decide on anything. I’m going to go next Saturday morning.


raw honey

Also, this is not completely worth mentioning, but it’s driving me insane. We have an invasion of caterpillars here and it’s absolutely disgusting. The back of the house is covered in them, they are all over the grass, the fence, patio set and anything else in the backyard. I’m scared to go in and out of the house because they keep falling from everywhere. Josh is gone for 12 more days and I have to mow the lawn within the next couple days before it gets too long. I’m going to have to get all geared up in my rubber boots, rain suit, hood, gloves and glasses. I know I might be over exaggerating, but you have no idea how bad they are here. I feel like a prisoner in my own home!

Well, that’s all the news I have for today! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend (free of caterpillars).


Bee Products!

Happy hump day! It’s a little chilly here in Vancouver today. I was really looking forward to some sun on my day off. Despite the lack of sunshine, I`ve had a wonderful day so far. I went to a kundalini yoga class this morning that made me feel very relaxed and rejuvenated. Wednesday is my day off work and school and I try to relax as much as possible.

School has been absolutely amazing and eye-opening. We start anatomy tomorrow and I`m very excited. I haven’t taken very many science courses in the past so I’m ready to take in all the information. It’s amazing how our body and its organs function each day. It has really helped me understand my body more and what it needs to be nourished and happy. I truly believe that this is what I was meant to do.

Our teacher told us all about the benefits and uses of honey and bee products. You can take what you want from this information. I just thought it was extremely fascinating and wanted to share it with you.

Raw Honey

Keep in a mind that there is a difference between raw and unpasteurized honey. Raw honey can only be heated up to a temperature of about a 60 watt light bulb (just enough to pour it into a container). You can usually find raw honey at your local health food store or farmers market (right from the source, even better).  They say that bees are the link between the plant and animal world. The thermal temperature of honey is neutral as the internal temperature of a hive is the same as our body.


–          Folk remedy for upset stomach
–          Harmonizing effect on liver, helps neutralize toxins
–          Topical pain reliever for muscles
–          Used for stomach ulcers
–          Great anti-bacterial source
–          Canker sores (inflammation and healing)
–          High blood pressure
–          Constipation (has a moistening effect)

–          Can be applied directly to burns (you can soak the gauze in honey)

Mix water with equal parts honey and apple cider vinegar. This mixture will harmonize the stomach and liver. You can also add a dash of cinnamon for blood sugar balance.

Keep in mind that honey is still a sugar and to eat in moderation!

Also a question to ask the bee farmer when you are searching for your raw honey is how they feed their bees. Do they feed themselves? If they say they are fed a sugar mixture, then you know they are taking too much from the bees.


Now the other three of the bee products I’m going to tell you about are completely new to me. I thought it was so interesting that humans can use these products from the bees!

Bee Pollen

–          Sold in crystals or granules
–          Food of the young bee
–          High in protein and amino acids
–          Source of vitamin B12
–          One of nature’s most complete foods as it’s very nourishing
–          ½ of the protein is in free form amino acids (That means your body doesn’t have to break it down in digestion as the amino acids are already available)
–          Considered an energy and nutritive tonic (used to tone and build)
–          Anti-bacterial

–          Anti-cancer properties

Uses for humans:

–          Increased energy
–          Increased endurance and vitality
–          Increased longevity
–          Supports recovery of chronic illness such as auto-immune diseases
–          Energetic quality of sustaining life
–          Reduce cravings and addictions (both food and substance)
–          Helps build and strengthen blood

–          Helps regulate intestines

How to take:

Start small. Take a 1/8th of a teaspoon (assuming you have no pollen allergies) every day for three days. See if there are any reactions. Stop for a couple days and then reintroduce. When you start again you can increase the amount if wanted as you can take up to a teaspoon a day. You can take even more if you are using to help with a chronic illness. Do take caution as you can develop an allergy to pollen during this time.

Royal Jelly

The bees make this by chewing pollen and mixing with secretions from the glands in their brains (so cool). Royal Jelly is the food of infant bees and the sole food of the queen bee. It is an energetic, nutritive tonic and has the same properties as bee pollen, but it`s far more enhanced. It has a strong effect on glandular and reproductive systems as it helps support overall hormonal health.


–          Anti-tumour properties
–          Malnutrition (eating disorders, illness, etc.)
–          Arthritis
–          Leukemia
–          Wasting diseases

–          Anti-bacterial properties

Bee pollen is a fraction of the cost. Only a small amount of royal jelly is made by the bees so it’s a lot more expensive. It’s also a lot harder to harvest.


Bees make propolis by collecting resinous tree sap (crusty bits of sap on the tree) and mixing it with wax. They use this mixture to seal their hives.

–          Rich and complex molecule combination
–          Health sustaining aspects
–          Powerful/natural antibiotic and anti-viral
–          Known to have a synergistic effect on certain bacteria

–          Breaks down bacterial walls 

I hope you enjoyed this information I shared with you. I was just so amazed as our teacher was telling us. Enjoy the rest of your week!